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Oprah’s Lifeclass Ultimate Classroom Guide – All the Class Notes & More

Oprah’s Lifeclass brought the world some amazing lessons over an intense course of 5 full weeks that will change your life…ready or not.  From all of the hard work of the OWN Lifeclass team, we owe great gratitude.  The thoughtfulness and care that went into the lessons are clear through the messages that were delivered.  And as an appreciation, we thought we would go the extra step and add our OWN Oprah Lifeclass Ultimate Guide to others who missed a show or just need a gentle reminder every once in awhile.  All the class notes are from us and from our experience and the class videos that OWN has shared online (collected from www.Oprah.com/OWN) have been collected and put into one link to go hand in hand with our notes.  Please bookmark…share…pass this Ultimate Guide on to EVERYONE in the world.  If you want to change your life…click on any link and a lesson or two is guaranteed.  If you aren’t sure…click on any link…because you are here… Be inspired. Just do it….I promise…you will be glad that you did.  Change the channel.  Change your life. …with OWN.

PLUS… Oprah Lifeclass – Live Webcast Recording Links for All the Live Classes!

Oct 10: The False Power of Ego
Oct 11: Letting Go of Anger
Oct 12: You Become What You Believe
Oct 13: The Truth Will Set You Free
Oct 14: Week One in Review
Oct 21: Week Two in Review
Oct 28: Week Three in Review
Nov 4:  Week Four in Review
Nov 11:  Week Five in Reivew

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  1. Thank you. That wonderful job you did In taking all the lessons? Is great watch Oprah Lifeclass and then read the notes here.Thank you and congratulations.

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