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Oprah’s Lifeclass Lesson 16: Videos from Following Your Gut

Thanks OWN for sharing the videos from last night’s Lifeclass on Following Your Gut. Watch. Listen. Remind yourself. This could save your life…or perhaps someone that you love. You are worth the lesson. Learn it.

Gavin de Becker Teaches Oprah About the Gift of Fear – During a 1997 episode of The Oprah Show, Oprah and her viewers learned an important lesson from Gavin de Becker, a security specialist and author of The Gift of Fear. After hearing the story of Kelly, a woman who survived a terrifying attack, Oprah says she realized that “no” is a complete sentence.

Life-Saving Advice from The Oprah Show – In 1991, an Oprah Show guest named Sanford Strong shared advice that has since saved countless viewers’ lives. Watch as Sanford and Oprah explain why you should never allow an attacker to take you to a second location.

Learning to Trust Your Instincts – If the hair on the back of your neck stands up or you think to yourself, “Hmm, something is off,” security specialist Gavin de Becker urges you to trust your gut. After meeting Doris, a sheriff’s deputy who was kidnapped and brutally raped by her husband, Oprah took this lesson to heart and began paying close attention to her instinctual reactions.

Gavin de Becker’s Safety Tip for Women – In 2006, actress Gabrielle Union came forward to talk about the day she almost lost her life at the hands of a brutal rapist. Even when her instincts told her to run, Gabrielle says she stayed because she was raised to be polite. Watch as security specialist Gavin de Becker explains why being nice can put women in harm’s way.

Gavin de Becker on the Power of “No”

After the Show Q&A with Gavin de Becker

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    1. Hi Jen. We’re not sure that you can buy the Lifeclass series from OWN. Since we are not an OWN site, you should check on Oprah.com for your question. Also, these different lessons may be on OWN’s YouTube channel or on Oprah.com, so take a look there as well. These are amazing lessons. We hope they start replaying the series as many of the original 25 are simply fantastic.

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