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The Other Side of the Monkey Bars

While focused on Oprah’s new season of Lifeclass on OWN and moving our daily lives consciously through the lessons learned in this OLC boot camp series, life around me is still going on. New drama. New opportunities. Like a higher power parcourse running around the edges of my life, with every few stretch of miles it has me to stop and stretch and work on another soul exercise. And when I woke up this morning thinking of a little of that drama along the course in the last 24 hours, I couldn’t help but think of Oprah’s Lifeclass lessons and wonder, “what soul exercises will I be doing today?”

Perhaps that is it…we are always being prepared for life though our lessons.  Our entire existence, we are exercising our soul to grow and stretch so that we can do our own work on down the road.  Some people learn the soul exercise quickly and advance in the course to the new set of stretches.  For some, it’s like the soul monkey bars…tough to maneuver and get across…and…you can’t just go around them.  So, forever, until you master it, you are stuck on the monkey bars.  I know people stuck on the monkey bars.  It’s tough… Like Oprah’s analogy of the whispers that get louder that turn to a knock on the head…a brick to the head…a full brick wall.  Similar analogy…same life lessons…same stuck on the monkey bars…

So as I woke this morning, I wondered if there was a Lifeclass lesson that would tell me how to handle this part of the course that I am on.  Now, truth be told, Oprah’s Lifeclass lessons don’t tell you how to do anything.  What they do offer is how to MOVE THROUGH things that will help you move forward in life.  Stop being stuck.  Letting go of what you have no power over.  Really, as overused as the phrase may be..they tell you how to really LIVE your best life.  So just like when referring to the instructions on how to use some technology gadget or when looking to online message boards to find out the secret of anything, I am finding myself here – on my own Lifeclass Ultimate Guide taking a look and reminding myself that Oprah has already given me the instructions for some of the toughest part of the course.  All I need to do is to keep my head up, shoulders back, breathe deep and believe I can do it.  The rest…is left on the other side of the monkey bars.

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