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It’s Time for You to Get Involved in Our Future

Listening to Donna Brazile this week for my OYou Boot Camp, I can’t help but feel inspired.  So many times I have started to volunteer at my local headquarters only to shy away because of concerns of time commitments.  I worried that they’d ask for more than I was able to comfortably give….and I have never been great at saying “no” to someone who needs my help.

Then during crunch time last year, my older sister shocked me by calling up the HQ and jumping in.  She simply told them she was only available for 10 hours and that was that!  It amazed me that I have confidently directed over 100 employees, but still at times have a hard time setting my own personal boundaries.

This year…I am going to jump in AND not allow myself to be submerged!  If you want to check it out, I have included links to the 2 major parties.  Remember, you don’t have to make a HUGE commitment to get involved and make a difference.


Select your state from the “Pick a different state” drop-down.  Directly under it once it refreshes will be the link to your state’s website.  Go there and you will find a tab for volunteering.


Put in your zip code and it will pull up your volunteer opportunities.

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