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“Undercover Boss: Abroad” Coming to OWN in March

Credit: Bisbane Times
OWN announced they have acquired rights to Undercover Boss in both the UK and Australia for a special Undercover Boss: Abroad. TLC will begin airing the shows and the Oprah Winfrey Network will add the series to Tuesday nights at 8PM and 9PM starting March 13th.

The show will be similar to the one currently running where bosses go undercover within their own organization for a unique perspective on their companies. After several weeks in different positions, the boss then reveals themselves to those they worked alongside. Many of the companies featured are YMCA, Domino’s Pizza, Sodexo, Best Western Hotels and Isuzu Trucks. In addition, Undercover Boss Canada will join the schedule in Spring 2012. SO glad to hear because we LOVE watching with our OWN Canadian family!

2 thoughts on ““Undercover Boss: Abroad” Coming to OWN in March

  1. I watch the show all the time. How can you request a certain company be on the show? I know of a business that would be a good one. My sister works for a McDonalds and has some challenges and is treated badley at times. would love for the McDonalds Company to see how one of the managers at one of there business treat people.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for finding us. We are not really sure how the process works, but by putting this out there…maybe the universe will respond! McDonalds would make from a great episode!

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