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The Power of a Vision Board

“Without a vision people perish.”- Tony Robbins

Everything that I read about it talks about the power of a vision board. Oprah brought the information to the masses via The Oprah Winfrey Show and since then, glue sticks and magazine cutouts have been flying. A young Olympic gold medalist talked about making a board and envisioning her success. People talk about putting it out into the Universe and how it comes back to you. Our friend, Megan Castran is an example for us of just how powerful your own personal vision board can be. An amazing artist who is also an avid designer of all things VB worthy shares this personal video of just how powerful your visions can be if you put them out into the world.  Martha Beck has some great ideas about creating your vision here.   Take a note from Megan’s video below and get started today! Just remember these tips when creating your own:

  1. Pay attention to how you feel.
  2. Believe ANYTHING is possible.
  3. Don’t edit!
  4. Have FUN!

4 thoughts on “The Power of a Vision Board

  1. Hey-THANKS!!! SOOO many things have happened from my vision board-it’s CRAZY!!! Definitely make one and pop it in a happy place…don’t be desperate about it-I find I look at mine and just smile at it…I didn’t realise I did this until after Oprah had been and I caught myself smiling at it, thus putting good energy into it xxx

    1. Thanks Megan! We love your videos, your stories and the inspiration that you put out into the world! The vision board has been great energy and focus! Next week for our OYou BootCamp Challenge, we start up the focus on Fitness! We’ll be hearing you cheering us on all the way from Australia…one mile a day! 🙂

  2. Yes! Dreams DO come true! You guys have inspired me to complete my NEW vision board this week and enjoy the process of manifestation! Last time I did one of these, I got EVERYTHING i dreamed of, yet , I left out ome important details, it was incomplete. Now i’m summoning the universe to attract my Next Chapter just as I really really really want it from my heart! Happy Dreaming everybody! May all your wildest dreams come true!

  3. I bought 4 poster boards and glue about a little over a week ago.Thanx for the final push to put it all together
    Interesting sidenote-Many years ago,I was far away from home.My mom sent me a poster of a ski mountain where we went every single weekend and had a 2nd home.That poster was hung next to my bed for 3 years,and I dreamed of the day I could go there again.
    Not only did I go there again,now I live there:).
    I think it’s important to note that patience is required when putting these together,a virtue I dont posess but Im working on:).It could take time for your dreams to manifst but it does happen.I also firmly belive that it is not enough to just dream,you mUST put some elbow grease to some degree into your dreams.
    Wish I could show a vision board here I had of Oprah,it’s on her site from a few yrs ago.I wanna be just like Megan and am waiting for Oprah to arrive!!
    Thanx again for a wonderful post and motivating me to get on it allready.Will check back in when my dreams come true…

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