Super Soul Sunday

Super Soul Sunday’s Things That Matter with Nate Berkus

For the last two weekends, OWN and Oprah have brought us the gift of Thing That Matter – both spiritually and literally – with Nate Berkus and his new book and his open heart on Super Soul Sunday.  While watching Nate and Oprah talk with ease of their worlds and Nate’s journey, it felt like a whole new level of love was opened up.  Raw and powerful, this conversation is a gift.  For all of us who have found ourselves moving through life and looking outside for the answers, it becomes clear that the things that matter are carried deep in your heart – at the core of who you are and why you are here.  Things That Matter sounds like it’s much more that a design book or a raw journey through the world from Nate’s perspective.  It sounds like it is full of lessons for all of us to take in to not only help us move towards our best life, but to open our eyes and recognize the best life that we are living right now…and how what we see makes all the difference.

Here are a few clips from Nate’s Super Soul Sunday appearance. We loved Nate before…now, we love his lessons. 

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