Super Soul Sunday with Iylana Vanzant – The Videos

Last  week on Super Soul Sunday, OWN brought us Part 1 of a soul to soul interview with Iylana Vanzant. On the heels of the premier of Iylana Fix My Life which comes officially to OWN on September 15th, the interview is a gift that two amazing teachers are giving to the world.  The lessons of survival, listening to your soul and surrender are only a few of the amazing gifts that came from this episode.  As in true Oprah and Iylana fashion, when they get together to break it open and talk, we are blessed with more than just an hour.  Next week, Super Soul Sunday will air part 2 of the interview.

Here are a few of the view clips from the show. Thanks OWN.
From OWN: Who is Rhonda Harris?

From OWN: How Iylana Overcame Guilt

From OWN: Iylana Vanzant on Surrendering to Your Purpose

From OWN: Iylana’s 6th Sense


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