Super Soul Sunday

Super Soul Sunday – Life Lessons from Caroline Myss

This past Sunday, Caroline Myss launched the first web live stream of Super Soul Sunday.  Moments like this make me proud of the work that OWN is doing.  Each Sunday we are given food that fills the bellies of our soul and help us to launch our week from a place of gratitude and enlightenment.  Oprah’s conversation with Caroline Myss brought warmth to our souls and reminded us that we are on our paths and all we need to do is trust our intuition to be successful.  With so many great lessons, we wouldn’t let them get away from all of you.   Here are a few of the Super Soul Sunday Lessons from Caroline Myss.

Lessons about the spirit…

  • The way to understand your spirit is that it’s the part of you that is seeking meaning and purpose.  
  • Your spirit is the part of you that is simply drawn to hope and will not give in to despair. That part that has to believe in goodness.  It feels like hope and grace. 
  • “Grace is a power that comes in and transforms a moment to something better and it takes us with it,” Caroline Myss.
  • Life is a classroom and everything serves as a lesson.  You have the choice to either enhance your spirit or drain your power with each decision you make.  You chose to either walk towards love or towards fear.  It is that simple.
  • You are born intuitive and knowing.  You just have to trust it.

Lessons about purpose…

  • “If you have life, you have purpose,” Caroline Myss.
  • Everyone has a purpose, a sacred contract, in place when they are born.  It is “ a spiritual document that our soul recognizes” and the path our intuition leads us down. 
  • You cannot define your purpose by what you want.
  • By blocking your intuitive voice, you walk towards fear.
  • Have no expectations or judgments about your life and surrender the need to know happens tomorrow.  Instead, be fully present to appreciate what is in your life and know it has purpose.
  • Remove “shouldn’t have” in your life. Denying the path you are on, takes you off track and holds you back from moving forward. 
  • Many people get stuck in their disbelief that the ordinary happened to them.  “Why me?” for sickness, job loss, broken marriage, etc.  It happens.  No one is excluded from the ordinary.  Embrace it and learn from the lessons.
  • One drop of life, a single atom, is as purposeful as our entire planet.  “What is in one is in the whole.  It can’t be otherwise. No atom is separate from the whole.  No person is separate from the whole.” 

Lessons about suffering…

  • Everyone has a path and you are always on the right path.  You just may not be managing it well.
  • It’s not hard to know which path is meant for you.  “You’re not put in a position to betray yourself.  You’re not put in a position where you feel like you have to negotiate your sense of integrity,” Caroline Myss.  Don’t compromise who you are.  Compromise shouldn’t feel like a betrayal and it shouldn’t deplete you.
  • Suffering comes from focusing on a path that didn’t belong to you.  By locking in on something or someone who wasn’t meant for you, you get off track.  By not letting go of the past, someone who didn’t belong to you or anger that may have, you lost track of being here in the now. 
  • Just because something bad happens to you it doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path.  Not getting what you think you want can actually protect you from the worst of you.
  • “I think there’s nothing worse than betraying yourself.  That the worst, most ultimate betrayal is the betrayal to yourself,” Oprah
  • When you have the opportunity to protect yourself and you don’t, you are sending the message that you aren’t worth protecting and are no different from those who hurt you…as you are hurting yourself.
  • Betraying yourself can bring great misery.  You get detoured when you betray your own intuition. 

Lessons about God…

  • God is mystical law.  Law is the nature of the universe.  It is the nature of life.
  • The negotiating factor to these laws comes through prayer.
  • A miracle is when God bends the laws of nature for you in an intimate way.
  • Prayer is a place where rational thought no longer commands you.  Simple prayers like “Please enter where you already abide,” Oprah or “Hover over me. Remind me you are there,” ask God to be there and guide you without asking for something.
  • In life, it is important to give it your all and your best and then surrender to the outcome.

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