Super Soul Sunday

Super Soul Sunday – Dr. Wayne Dyer Discusses the Art of Manifestation & John of God

Super Soul Sunday was once again an inspirational awakening. It seriously has become one of my favorite parts of the week. This week Oprah was joined my Dr. Wayne Dyer in Maui. While watching the interview, I totally understood why Oprah wanted to ditch the old stuffy studio.

Now I have heard of Dr. Dyer for a long time…my mother is a HUGE fan who repeatedly gathered my sisters and I around as she read us tidbits of enlightenment. It was only fitting that as I watched him on Super Soul Sunday, I sat next to my mother.

He gave of himself as he always does, doing his best to help us all be the best we can be. On a mission to teach us that we all are love, he was clear that we all have the ability to align ourselves with whatever we want in life. He even delved a little deeper to clarify the difference between the art of manifestation and the law of attraction.

Feeling as if he was handing us a few coveted notes to life, it was impossible to not feel your spirit rising. It is amazing how the body reacts to positive energy. It is a lot like hunger. If you forget to take in the positive, you begin to crave it and some even get a bit cranky. However, once again Super Soul Sunday served up a full plate of love and acceptance that should sustain us for a bit. Not missing this opportunity, Oprah took a moment to go “soul-to-soul” and asked Dr. Dyer questions about life and God. Calmly and confidently he shared what he knows for sure.

The interview was fantastic and I walked away feeling centered and refreshed. I have heard many of his words before, yet this time I seemed to hear them louder. Before the interview was over, Oprah asked Dr. Dyer about a controversial treatment he underwent for his leukemia. As the story unfolded, I sat in awe and a little disbelief. He spoke of his virtual surgery that cured his leukemia performed by John of God from Brazil. Although it seemed crazy, I couldn’t help but want to believe. You have to hear this!

Part One

Okay I know what you are may be thinking…and I know how it sounds but keep listening to how the fear was removed from his life.

Part Two


Like a balanced meal, the interview drew to a close leaving us all full and ready for our day. Still sitting by my mother at the end of the interview I turned to her and smiled. With a twinkle in her eyes, she was full of new information and ready to watch it all over again…and we will. If you missed the episode, Dr. Dyer will be back next week in a film for Super Soul Sunday. Don’t miss it!

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  1. I have purchased Wishes Fulfilled and I love it and the I am meditation CD. I tried to record Super Soul Sunday with Wayne Dyer since I was not home and it didn’t work. I have been researching what he has said and you don’t get it over night. Now I would love to meet Dr Wayne Dyer and have a conversation with him. I have also read My Greatest Teacher. I am just blown away by this concept. I want more to read and listen to. The money is not there for me to purchase more of his materal, however I did get my hands on Neivelle teaching. Sorry I didn’t spell it right, I just want more. I believe it will change my life. thanks to all the great Authors to bring me this concept and especially Dr Wayne Dyer. I also do Essential Oils and would love to hear him speak. Thanks

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