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Rosie Recap- Chris Matthews & “Million Dollar Quartet” on “The Rosie Show”

Everything seemed to be lining up on “The Rosie Show”. Her smile was infectious, she matched the glowing neon (and not in the bad way) and I melted into my sofa and relaxed. It didn’t take long for Rosie to address the craziness that occurred within the last 24 hours. The night before, Ro had mentioned off air that she was engaged and the news spread like fire. So of course she had to address it…and she did. It has to be hard to have your personal life so public. It’s great – we need more love in this world.

Chris Matthews took to the stage to promote his new book, Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero. His fascination with the Kennedys began at an early age and only grew as he discovered new details about the late President’s life. I never knew his mother was so cold to him. Never once did she visit him in boarding school…even when he was deathly sick. Just heartbreaking. He filled the visit with great stories of Jack. I’m thinking my mother will love this book. Possible Christmas gift?

Of course the host of Hardball with Chris Matthews stayed true to self and had to throw in a little politicking, his opinions on the news nowadays, his advice for Obama and the nuttiness of the Republican candidates. Too funny!

Following Chris, Rosie brought on a young entrepreneur, Katrina Markoff, who specialized in chocolate. You have to hear her story of how she turned her dreams into reality with her company, Vosges Haut-Chocolat. As she walked us through the process of tasting and how to truly use your senses, I realized her voice made it sound so sexual – even orgasmic for one audience member. Rosie admitted this was the best chocolate ever. Sounds like a great Christmas gift for ME! If you’d like to order some for yourself, check out Katrina’s website.

Ro introduced another staff member….part of the RoTeam. This time the show highlighted Sean Sullivan, a major part of the stage crew. He recently landed the part of Johnny Cash in Chicago’s cast of the Tony award-winning musical Million Dollar Quartet. The music started and Sean stepped up to the mic signing “I Walk the Line”. Sean’s portrayal of Johnny was great as his cast mates gave great performances of their own as Elvis, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lewis. It was the perfect ending to a great show. Here is the performance – enjoy!

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