Finance, OYou BootCamp 2011

Learning to Live Below Your Means

Once again Suze is sprouting great ideas that all us can benefit from.  In her PBS Money Class she told us all that we needed to rethink the way we spend.  “You have got to live below your means, but within your needs.”

Honestly this is a new concept for me.   I am use to living within my means…but below?  It all makes sense.  If you can afford to buy a $300, 000 home, buy one for $250,000.  You don’t have to max yourself out.   Be smart.  If you don’t need something, don’t buy it.  Simple yet SO hard to do.

Now don’t laugh at me but I try to do this in baby steps.  When I REALLY want something I don’t need, I put it in my basket or hold it for 20 minutes walking around the store.  The excitement about getting it usually dies down and in a way I feel like I own it.  Then when I get strong enough, I put it out of the cart and go and check out with what I do really need.  This goofy technique has saved me a bundle.  So go ahead and giggle…it works for me!  If you have ideas on how you are able to curb spending and make the mental shift, please leave a comment and share with us all.  We all could use a little help.

Until then, enjoy Suze’s video of her Money Class on PBS.  There are lots of great tips.

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