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Getting Ready for the “F” Word with Suze Orman …Finances

With a few weeks of the OYou Boot Camp behind us, we finally feel we are starting to grasp the overall “living my best life” concept.  It isn’t about BIG changes…it is all about the little ones.  Although we are unable to completely transform our lives during each week, the lessons and spirit carry on.  It is as if we are slowing growing into a “best life” super heroes!  Yeah, we know a bit much but seriously.  With each week we grow stronger and more focused.   Whether we are able to complete the entire week’s task or not, we are absorbing the lessons and the purpose behind each of them.

Now feeling a little house leaner after our OYou week with Peter Walsh, we are so excited about this week with Suze Orman.  Once reason, there isn’t any physical labor involved, thank you!  After a week of Peter we needed to be able to sit a bit.  Plus, with the economy still concerning us all and the holidays around the corner, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that we are “living my best life” financially.  This is the perfect time to take a look at where we can trim a little or at least keep a firm grip before it gets crazy.

Everyone who follows our OYou Boot Camp knows that my sister and I are trying gear up for the O You conference in October.  Although
our “OYou – Help us Inspire the World” campaign hasn’t generated a lot of donations, we are still optimistic.   How can there be an O You Conference without the OYou Boot Campers?  Who knows….maybe some OYou angel or company will sponsor us.   Still, we have to prepare just in case.  Suze Orman is the prefect person to lead us down that road.

Here is the plan as we move through the week and a mini-plan for you if you feel inspired to join in:

  • Time for a budget! Learn to “stand in our truth” – take a painfully honest look at our personal finances as well as our hopes for the future. Find a way to make a plan and stick with it. Dreams are created, not imagined
  • Respecting our money – how we treat the things that we spent our money on says a lot about the respect we have for ourselves and our money.  No more clothes on the floor or dirty cars. Starting this week, we clean house in a new way.
  • Figure out a Plan A and a Plan B for how to get to the OYou Boot Camp and avoiding a self-inflicted Suze smack-down.

For a mini-camp challenge try this:

  • Tip yourself – every time you go  out, tip yourself 20% of the bill in cash.  Take that money home and  put it in a piggy bank.
  • For this week, do what Oprah does…pack a lunch for work!

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