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A Boot Camp Focus With Dr. Oz – Where Do I Start?

It must be fate that the week we start our Dr. Oz OYOU Boot Camp Challenge, I start feeling run down and sick.   Making the commitment for eleven weeks of focusing on little changes has not been an easy task.  It’s like preparing for a marathon by running a marathon…when you are not really even a runner.  With my over-achiever attitude and a little bit of addiction to perfection, I jumped into the deep end without my floaters.  Now, I’m treading water…and grateful that it’s Dr. Oz week.

As with all of Oprah’s wonderful experts, she’s always given us little bits to digest at a time.  With Dr. Oz, I’m taking the time to really look at his website – www.doctoroz.com and dive into some of the information.  Some of my favorite articles that have inspired me include:

  • 10 common household product that might be aging me  – I’m taking out chemicals and definitely looking for alternatives…and if high fructose corn syrup didn’t scare me before, it definitely does now!  It’s making me old!
  • Get Happier in 28 Days – There’s some inspirational ideas in here.  I’m not ready for another challenge, but I’m all for taking a look at these ideas.  It’s a 4 week plan…with just some simple steps.  And I can always use a little more happiness.
  • Move It and Lose It in 2011 – I stumbled upon this 11 week program and signed up.  It looks great…and it’s free…and even though it says that sign-ups were until August 22nd, they still let me in.  I’m all for a little free guidance on moving, nutrition, and more.
  • Pet Health – WHO KNEW!  The Dr. Oz website has a great new section under “Topics” called Pet Health.  With pets with allergies…and being allergy prone myself, this looks like it has a wealth of information!  I think I’m feeling better already.

So, after just a little exploring and looking, I have found an ocean of Dr. Oz information and I’ve taken the time to look and empower myself with the knowledge. Now comes the challenge part…and making the small changes in my OWN life.  Oprah always says, “When you know better, you do better.”  I sure hope so.

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