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OWN’s Lost and Found – Stories of Full Circle Moments in the Universe

OWN premiered another new show last night – Lost and Found and for an hour out of my busy day, I found myself looking at the details of other people’s lives.  So many small things or moments mean so much and often, we forget to take notice.  It made me turn from a very busy and emotional day to see the world from a different perspective…thinking of others and their journey and what they had lost…and now found.

During this hour long episode, there are 3 different stories that were highlighted.  All equally beautiful, the first was that of two young girls who were saved from the Holocaust by being sent off alone in the night and who forged a bond during their long voyage to the United States were reunited after more than 70 years.  Their reunion came from a group of students, carefully given the lesson that their actions can make a difference.  Like a shared history where words can go unspoken, these strong women reminded me of my mother and aunt…a bond and connection that covers any length of time.  When they finally found each other, it was as if they never parted…and as if a piece of the heart was filled back up.

The other two stories chronicled a lost letterman jacket and the significance to a young girl many years ago who had lost all of her memories and mother in a fire…and who’s jacket signified her accomplishments and legacy of a world long gone.  Another amazing story came from England where the whimsical release of a celebration balloon with a young girl’s name and address attached traveled over 150 miles to end up in the hands of another young girl with the same name who was the same age.  The Universe united these two lifelong friends in a unique way…and in the process reminds the rest of us that everything happens for a reason…and even the smallest of details may have the biggest impact.  There is someone guiding us…and even if one day, something is lost…you never know when it will show up.

OWN has started finding sure-footed programming and little by little, they are rolling it out into the world.  Heart warming, real stories…the kind that we would catch in the afternoon back in the days of  The Oprah Winfrey Show.   Bravo OWN.  Lost and Found feels like a good fit.

From OWN: Here’s a Sneak Peek at the first 5 minutes…


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