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OWN is asking – What do you want to see on the Rosie Show?

As the Oprah Winfrey Network gears up for the October premier of “The Rosie Show”, they are putting out the call to see what we OWN viewers want to see on the show. Right now they are looking for ideas of fun, interesting, powerful or pretty much anything that interests YOU. So head over to…and help them make TV magic!

3 thoughts on “OWN is asking – What do you want to see on the Rosie Show?

  1. Extended interviews w/ interesting people(not just famous celebs) & games w/ staff(Pete & Bobby!!) ala Rosie Radio. Hope to see segments concerning autism, so few shows do in depth discussions.

  2. I’d like to “see” what we heard on Rosie Radio. Longer interviews with all kinds of people – not just people with something to promote. Also segments of Ro and her gang – playing games, hanging out, showing the world what friendship and acceptance look/sound like.

  3. Totally agree – longer interviews with interesting authors, people, and the gang from Rosie Radio – loved their chemistry – listened every day!

    My 11 year old daughter LOVES Rosie so we will try to get tickets to attend a show 🙂 Her audience is young and old and everywhere in between.

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