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Oprah’s Weekend Stop – Mitt Romney’s Place

Oprah’s been keeping her weekends and work scheduled filled this summer.  As many of us enjoy a little down time or ditch the alarm clock for a couple of days, Oprah and team are taking it up a notch and turning up the volume.  First, let’s just say everyone wants to be interviewed by Oprah.  So, politics and choices aside, Oprah has gone knocking on Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s door and he answered. 

Reports are that Oprah was in New Hampshire this weekend sitting down with the former Massachusetts governor and his wife, Ann Romney.  However, it’s being reported that the interview was not on camera and instead will be featured in an upcoming issue of O Magazine and not on Oprah’s Next Chapter.  Reminding us that Oprah is juggling lots of projects and leaving me to ask the question…why didn’t The Romney’s open the door for Next Chapter and for Oprah’s OWN team too?   

So, here’s to hoping that not everyone is camera shy in this upcoming presidential election and that Oprah, O Magazine and OWN are invited to The White House to take us up close and personal into the lives of the First Couple.  If we can’t get a personal Presidential dinner invite, having Oprah and OWN go is almost just as good.  And as for Oprah, she doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  If anything, it looks like to us she’s just getting started!  Go Ms. O!

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