Oprah's Next Chapter

Oprah’s Next Chapter with Rihanna – The Videos

Oprah’s Next Chapter brought an amazing hour of connected conversation with Rihanna direct from her couch with the amazing backdrop of Bermuda.  In a beautiful dress and sneakers, Rihanna seemed calm, open and ready for whatever Oprah was going to ask.  While we know she may have had some idea from the great ONC producers, Rihanna appeared to come to the interview with an open heart and didn’t hesitate at all as she opened her lives up for millions to hear about.  From the amazing lessons from her grandmother to her drama and relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna didn’t miss a beat and just let the conversation flow.  OWN has been great enough to share a TON of videos. If you didn’t see the episode, these clips will give you an idea of what the interview looked like and just how amazing the hour was.  Enjoy the clips…and be warned. If you didn’t know much about Rihanna before, you are going to love this free-spirited, strong young lady after this hour.  Brave, open and lovely.

From OWN: The Lessons Rihanna Learned from Her Grandmother

From OWN: Rihanna Opens Up About Chris Brown

From OWN: Why Rihanna Says Chris Brown Is the Love of Her Life

From OWN: How Rihanna Was Able to Forgive Chris Brown

From OWN: Rihanna Takes Oprah on a Tour of Her Childhood Home

From OWN: Rihanna’s Sex Appeal and Relationship with Her Fans

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