Oprah’s Master Class with Laird Hamilton – The Videos

On Oprah’s Master Class this week, Laird Hamilton sat down to look at his life and his amazing journey. From feeling like an outcast when he was young to riding the heaviest waves, we learn that there is so much more to this dare-devil than we could ever imagine. OWN has been kind enough to share some of the best moments of the hour long MasterClass. Take a few moments to get to know a little more about Laird hamilton…and you might be inspired to dream bigger and harness your own fears!

Laird talks about finding your tribe.

Life lessonsn with Laird

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  1. […] Oprah Presents Master Class with Laird Hamilton- A huge wave rider it doesn’t seem there is much to that holds Laird back. However as he rode the wave in what he calls the “human cheese grater” of Tahiti, he waged a war within his soul….should he jump or should he ride?  Fear surrounded him and he made a decision to ride.   In that moment, he reminded us that the way you use fear makes all the difference.   “That moment can dictate whether you have success or failure.” […]

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