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Opening Up with 12 Days of Celebrating Consciousness

Life brings teachers into our paths sometimes when we are conscious and paying attention and sometimes when we are not.  The lessons are always there.  We see them when we stop, look up and connect to the world around us.  As we meander or sometimes rush through our lives, the Universe offers up wisdom through others…sometimes through the eyes of children, sometimes through written words and sometimes when connecting with great thinkers and wise teachers.

As OWN has brought us Oprah’s greatest classroom through its programming, it has also forged a group of unofficial OWN Ambassadors who have connected to this wisdom and are excited to share it with the world.  With this, the idea of “Twelve Days of Celebrating Consciousness” was ignited with the idea of celebrating this rising consciousness and lessons that have changed the lives of many of us.

To celebrate and share a few of these insightful lessons and amazing energy and light, OWN Ambassadors are reaching out to some of the greatest inspirational thought leaders in the world, including Deepak Chopra, Reverend Ed Bacon, Devon Franklin, Patti Digh, Olivia Newton-John,  Susan Piver, Eric Handler, Tererai Trent, Michael Lawrence, Jonni Pollard and more.

Beginning on 12-12-12,  OWN Ambassadors 12 Days of Celebrating Consciousness will be featured each day on The Daily OWN with interviews and lessons from these great teachers to help you be your best self and move into the New Year strong, empowered and excited to make this your best year yet!

So, please join this 12 day journey and the intention that it’s coming with.  When you pay attention to your life and the whispers in it, great things happen.  Celebrate consciousness and take this journey  in celebrating your best life and your best YOU!

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