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Finding Balance in Your Daily Life

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

I am not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way my days got shorter.  As a child I would skip out of the house and return at sundown with scrapes, sweat and a huge smile.  Life was good and the days were long.  But now there are days when I look up and swear someone has changed the clock.  Although I always accomplish the big items of the day, I rarely seem to make it to my wish list.  You know the list…“I wish I had time for that” list.   Simply transferring the dreams with high hopes to the next day’s list, I’m fully aware I may have better luck with a lottery ticket.  Still I remain optimistic because I know my time is coming.  Thanks to our OLC boot camp….I think that time is NOW!

This week’s OLC boot camp is all about putting yourself first, re-prioritizing and finding balance.  All of those things can be difficult at times.  However this week I am going to try to be purposeful about the choices I make in order to bring a little more balance into my life.  Here is my plan and hopefully you will join in.

  • Putting yourself first – Like most women, I don’t ask for help, but I do realize that not all tasks have to be completed by me.  In truth, I never like to ask anything of someone that I can do for myself.  Yet in my professional life I had no problem supervising close to 100 people.  It is SO crazy.  My family life is totally different.  However that changes this week.  I am going to ask for help on at least one task a day…because my time is important too.
  • Reprioritizing – Each Tuesday I make a life’s tip list for TheDailyOWN and this week’s list will include 10 simple ways to reprioritize your life.  My goal is to find great ways to utilize and even steal a little time back from my to-do list and incorporate them into my own life.  We all deserve a little peace and balance in life.  Be sure to check it back tomorrow for some great tips!
  • Finding Balance – I read an article on Oprah Magazine one time that taught me a mediation I never put into practice.  This week I am going to do it!  Zen teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, taught us a simple telephone meditation to help us find a little peace and balance.   Here is how it works.  This week when the phone rings, wait to pick it up. Breathe in and out slowly, then walk to the phone calmly and answer the phone at ease.  The person on the other end will actually feel your peace.  I am going to try it when the phone rings, when the doorbell rings, when someone asks something of me and even when I approach someone else.  This week I will make a concentrated effort to be responsible for ALL of the energy I bring into my space.

Mini-boot camp challenge:  Although many of us spend our days taking care of others, try to give yourself a cut-off time each night.   Do your best to respect the time because you get far more accomplished once you have gotten a good night’s sleep.  Good luck!

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