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I Need to Make the Connection With Bob Greene

As morning rolls around for our OYou Boot Camp, I’m moving a little slower. It might be from the 45 minutes of working out, but I’m definitely feeling the effects of “adding more things” into my already crowded life. Guess we’ll deal with that during Peter Walsh week. But for today, I’m working on Bob Greene and doing my best to stay in the moment.

As I walked into the week, I was already feeling scared. I mean, I’m not ever going to be someone who loves to workout and sweat. Just not me. But I am ready for change…and ready for this challenge. I’m just not sure exactly how to connect into it…and make it work for me.

  • Bob Greene says workout in the morning to get your metabolism going. He also says do a variety of exercises.  I typically work out in the evening. Just fits better into the schedule. Think I’ll need to figure out how to maybe do both.  But…adding weights as I walk on the treadmill and rode on the stationary bike was EASY…well, not easy – I tried to push it up a notch – but easy to do.  Just a few extra steps to pick up the weights before jumping on the machine of choice.
  • Bob Greene talks about incorporating Super Foods into your life.   They include:  Olive Oil, Soy, Mushrooms, Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Nut butters), Eggs, Leafy Greens, Food rich in Omega 3’s (like salmon, tuna and herring or flax-seed, flax-seed oil,soy and canola oils), and Berries. All berries—blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries and raspberries—arerich in antioxidants and good for you.  So…there is enough here that I could probably JUST eat super foods for a day or two.  But one question, where is coffee?  Do I really even want to know what Bob Greene thinks about that?  I’m thinking no…
  • Bob Greene Making me 20 years younger… I’ve been finding a host of information related to Bob’s newest book, “20 Years Younger” with exercise, nutrition, skincare and sleep.  The exercise I have down.  The nutrition…well, I’ve got my shopping list to add to the week.  Also, adding some vitamins (Bob recommends a multi-day vitamin, an Omega-3 and a Calcium with Vit. D) would probably really help.  As for skincare, I was lucky enough to have stocked up on Oil of Olay Regenerist during a sale a month ago…so, this week I’ll be using it daily to see if I notice – or more importantly – feel a difference.  Finally, sleep and having a regular schedule.  Well…I’m working on that.  Tonight, I’ll do my best to put something into place and try for the next few days.  I’m just a late night TV watcher and usually get little to no sleep…but, I want to look 20 years younger, so I’ll give it a try!

As I look for inspiration from Bob, he’s everywhere…and it’s there.  I’ll do my best to share the really good ones here on the Daily OWN and link up…but it’s clear…Bob has been put in front of all of us with really easy tips to change our lives.  It’s just up to us to decide…do we want to make that change…and are we worth it…  Onto the day!!!

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