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New Shows for OWN Network Viewers!

Finally some news on what is to come!  Many of us have watched our favorite shows a few times as we waited for the new lineup to arrive from the Oprah WInfrey Network.  We are so glad to hear that something new is coming.  Here is what I have been able to find so far.

New OWN series documenting the intense mediation process where a victim and the offender meet in hopes of finding closure for their issues… attempting to bring some peace to their OWN lives.  I thought about this concept as I watched the confrontation on “Breaking Down the Bars” between an inmate and a family member of her husband that she murdered. Great idea- can’t wait to see how OWN helps these people work through a seriously difficult conversation.

“I Owe You My Life”
This new show will help to delve into the question…what makes someone heroic? OWN will bring us dramatic stories of REAL people from all over the world that will hopefully lift and inspire us.  This should be a wonderful show…good thing I just stocked up on Kleenex!

“Louie Spence Dance Project”
World-renowned choreographer, Louie Spence, will join OWN as he breathes new life the Broadway Dance Center.  Not sure how this will play out….but I am sure it will be FANTASTIC!!!! Give me music and let me dance…this show is sure to be fun for the whole family.

“My Mom and Me”
This show will take a closer look into mother-daughter relationships and how some push passed the usual boundaries. They open up about their issues and relationships and try to work through them with a therapist.  As a daughter, I recognize how delicate and important a mother-daughter relationship can be. I love when therapist are able to come into people’s lives and help them to have stronger relationships. Hopefully all of the participants will find they are living a better life and finding a place of peace.

“Sweetie Pies”
This new docu-series follows Robbie Montgomery, a former backup singer, who opened up a soul food restaurant with her family. The series follows the family as they open a second location and turn up the heat to get cooking.  NOW this will be a pure indulgence. A show that has so many things that I love…family, good southern cooking and singing. Bring it on!

“Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal”
This intense series focuses on couples that have had infidelity in their marriage and survived. They share their personal stories as a therapist tries to provide guidance on how to be able to move on and heal. Reminding us that love can endure.  This show should be really useful for providing couples with tools on how to deal with infidelity in their relationships. Hopefully it will open up conversations and remind us all of how fragile relationships can be if we don’t take care of them.

Some of favorite shows that were picked back up were:

  • “Our America With Lisa Ling”
  • “Ask Oprah’s All Stars”
  • “Enough Already! With Peter Walsh”
  • “In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman”
  • “Oprah Presents Master Class”


NOW….today we also heard that TWO major Daytime shows (All My Children and One Life To Live) were cancelled by ABC.  This is the PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for the OWN Network to pick up some dedicated daytime fans.   La Lucci…can you talk to O?  As for viewers…what do you think?  Would you watch?

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