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New Show Brings Tips from Lady Luck to OWN

Tonight, OWN premiered a new program called Sweepstakers.  Following the sweepstaking lives of three different generations of women, we see that a little obsession and passion may in fact pay off when it comes to lady luck and winning sweepstakes. 

Digging into the lives of these women and their families, we get to take a look at what the relationships look like and how they feel about their sweepstaking family members.  All sprinkled with a little drama we see a young, successful sweepstaker, Mariah from California, who sweeps a lot and it looks like she’s doing well.  During the show, dinner conversation with her parents falls to the topic of “maybe I should forget college and be a professional sweepstaker. What do you think parents?” Smack dab in a family intervention with her parents, I learned something new.  Apparently “Professional Sweepstaker” is a real profession although I wonder what exactly that would look like on a resume.  But when she wins a brand new car, it’s hard to argue too much.  But please…stay in school…consider the “sweeper” job as a part time one.  

We find another woman, Anna, from Long Island who’s husband is not the most supportive as they go back and forth on a Club Med vacation win – is it a family trip or a girlfriend trip?  As the conversations go back and forth, it’s interesting to see the dynamics and makes me wonder…is this what they wanted to show the world?  But by the end of the hour, we have some resolution with a little help of an IPad and a little compromise.

Finally, we spend some time with Karen from Orlando, who has support from her family and a sweepstakers club that meets at the local mall each month.  For 21 years, she’s been entering sweepstakes and if luck was stuck to a lady…it might be her.  Winning trips, cars, cash and more, it doesn’t seem quiet as crazy that she’s entering sweepstakes at all hours of the night. Thousands of entries a week…and there isn’t anything that she’s wanted that she hasn’t won.  “I win a prize almost every day,” Karen says.   Amazing.

As the hour comes to a close on this new program, it makes you think about it.  Maybe I could win a new IPad or trip to Denmark or brand new car.  Why not?  So next time an entry form crosses my path, I think I’ll slow down and enter.   You never know…maybe an OWN viewer will be featured on one of these episodes.  A little hope is a good thing.  Enjoyed seeing the life of these sweepers and left the hour a little happier.  Good things do happen all the time.  Life is good…Good luck all you contesters!  Happy sweeping!

2 thoughts on “New Show Brings Tips from Lady Luck to OWN

  1. I really enjoyed the show. I caught it by accident. I was flipping channels during a commercial while watching something else. I just couldn’t believe the prizes that could be won. Karen was my favorite. I would love to chat with her. The show has inspired me to start entering some of the sweepstakes. Wish me luck.

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