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Meditation: Take a Gratitude Break

Today, we’re starting off the week from a place of gratitude in honor of Oprah’s Lifeclass  and also, in honor of our OWN life.

A few days ago, I realized gratitude changes everything.  I’ve heard Oprah tell me for years to live in gratitude.  I’ve started gratitude journals and read books from Dr. Dyer and others…but sometimes you have to be that place where you are ready to open the door…and really understand the lesson.  Gratitude doesn’t just change how you feel about something, it changes everything.  It changes your life.  So today for meditation Monday, take a 5 minute gratitude break and stop your day.  Get quiet and just let yourself be in gratitude.  Let yourself appreciate the sunrise, the sounds, the moment, the breath, the small successes, the big challenges…take yourself to a new level of being grateful for your own life… These 5 minutes will change your day.  These 5 minutes just might change everything.

Give it a try…you are worth it.

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