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Meditation on the Go

Meditation is more than finding peace and quite and twenty good minutes.  Meditation is about slowing down and connecting with your inner spirit and the world.  It’s about aligning and connecting the dots between your mind, body and soul.  Experiencing the moment during the day where you are most present in your body and life is the most clear.  But for those on the go who often live in the world of mult-tasking and over whelming to-do lists, here is an idea to help you find those moments and the peace and connection that meditation will bring to your life in three simple steps:

  1. Find something you do all the time during the day like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, taking a walk somewhere, doing the dishes…an action that you do on your own and on a regular basis.
  2. Once you identify that activity, slow down and be mindful about it. Pay attention to your breathing as you take a deep breath and as you exhale.  Notice your energy, your muscles in your face, your arms, your chest rise, your heart beating … Connect with how your body moves and be focused on  yourself in that moment.
  3. When you start drifting back to your to do list or the stress of the day, notice the thoughts, put them aside and go back to focusing on  your breathing and connecting with your body while you are doing that activity.

Today, find your one moment as you brush your teeth or wash your face or take a morning walk.  Spend a few minutes and listen to your body and your senses.  Make this your own meditation. Maybe you will find your own connection with your mind, body and spirit.  Take the time.  You are worth it.

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