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Meditation: Finding Peace in the Quiet

Rarely do we stop long enough to listen to the quiet.  I know…it sounds crazy.  Who actually has the time to listen to nothing.  Most of us don’t, but we all need to make the time.  Like a hot cup of tea, silence can heal you from the inside out.  And if you listen, you will find a peace that can sustain you through your entire day.

Take a moment to stop what you are doing.  Close your eyes and push the intrusive thoughts aside and be still.  Don’t move.  Concentrate on your breath as it comes into your lungs and back out again.   Notice how your chest rises as it fills and rests back down as you breathe out. As the calmness comes over you, memorize it.  How you feel.  How it sounds.  How it tastes and smells.  And when your day begins to get loud, take one moment to close your eyes and find that peace you know within you.  It will help to center you and more importantly it will help you survive anything that comes your way.

So as you begin your week, know that you have the ability to find peace at any moment…making all the noise seem temporary.

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