Iyanla Fix My Life

Iyanla Wraps Up First Season of Fix My Life

As quickly as it started, it seems like it’s over. Iyanla VanZant came to OWN this year with her fierce no BS attitude and kicked it up a notch.  With her brash and tough waves of shaking people into their own reality, Iyanla took over an hour each Saturday and brought people face to face with issues that were holding them back…and with a good intention, she walked each of them to the edge to get a closer look and gave them a little push over.  I’m not sure that there was one week that there were not tears or big aha moments because Iyanla Fix My Life was about showing how communication and getting to the core of your pain can not only heal you, but heal your world.

So, while these two sisters were late to the infamous “cookie party” this season in West Hollywood with Iyanla after OYou, we have always known from her heart that what she says, she means…what she knows, is her truth and what she hopes for is a better life for all of us.  Fix My Life is like a life workshop at 120 mph but Iyanla’s a good driver…a little crazy and out-of-the-box sometimes, but she’s going to get you there…and once you arrive, it’s all up to you to do the work. Iyanla, Congratulations on the first of many workshops and shows on OWN!

From OWN: Iyanla’s Reflections: How to Create the Family Life You Want

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