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On the Gayle King Show – Andy Cohen from Bravo

Good morning Gayle….today Gayle confesses that her tv never goes off.  “I fall asleep with it on and wake up at 3am with breaking news.”  OMG Gayle, are we kindred spirits.  ME TOO!  I really love CNN.  And this morning, it was awful.  8.9 earthquake in Japan…so sad.  Speaking as someone from California who lived through the 89 Loma Prieta earthquake…that was 7.1, I can say that this would shake people to the soul…and then, with the tsunamis.  Just too much…

About Japan’s Earthquake – As the topic of the day, Gayle is spending the needed attention this morning talking about this devastating earthquake and tsunami that has occurred in Japan. Gayle is asking listeners to call in from Hawaii and California or people that have family in Japan…and she’s getting the calls. 

About Google’s Web Ap – Google has setup a web application that will help people get in touch with those out of touch or looking for someone through the Japan crisis.  Beautiful Google.  We love you. 

About Jessica Ohman from Japan – Skyping in from Tokyo, Jessica tells us what happened.  About 3:45pm it happened.  “It seemed like it was at least 3 or 4 minutes,” she tells us.  

About Japan’s Earthquake callers – Terri calls about her son in Japan who she hasn’t heard from yet…Carey Waccdell, 37, and a fire chief in Japan….and you can hear the stress in her voice.  Gayle tells her, “Operate from the no news is good news,” and tells his mom, we’ll put it out on Twitter for you.  

About the Mayor of Kauai – Mayor, Bernard C. gives us an update on the steady waters and stress the Hawaii is in right now.  Bracing for what is coming. 

About Guest, Andy Cohen – Trying to shift gears, we get to visit with Andy Cohen, Executive VP at Bravo.  “You are always yourself and that is what I love about you,” Gayle tells us.    With Andy, openly gay and completely himself, Gayle and he talk about ‘should people come out and let people know they are gay?’   Andy talks about how he was not out until well into college….and talks about his journey.  Then, he talks about “The Real Housewives series…” “Sometimes you think you like them….then you hate them…”  Andy tells us about the characters.  Who lives like them?  “Guilt free gossiping,” Andy calls it.  

About “What would you do to get the body of your dreams?” Question –  About half way through the show, Gayle starts this segment and keeps Andy there to go through it.  “What would you give up for a year to loose a dress size?” Gayle asks Andy.  He doesn’t know.  Gayle?  Well…she works out every night…and she hates it….and she is a infomercialholic. Andy’s indulgence? Susan Lucci.  He LOVES LOVES LOVES her.  Both agree…the Parker Meridian burger…a great burger.  But Prime burger….sounds like a date between Gayle and Andy.  

About Todd Bieber and the lost film canister – Last December, Todd B. was taking a walk and found a canister of film in the snow in a park in New York.  So, what does he do?  Develops the pictures, makes a YouTube video in search of the owners….and then, queue the “Disney It’s a small world” music…he actually found them!  Or they found him…  A filmmaker by profession, he knows the value of memories caught on film.  So, with kindness driving him, he put them on YouTube and got such a response of kindness back that it proves my grandfather right.  Goodness comes back to you ten-fold.  Todd found the family in France…and the rest is history.  What a journey… 

About Movie Snacks that won’t kill your diet – Gayle shares a list she found: Jr. Mints (298 calories), Twizzler Twists (263 cal) Milk Duds (170 cal) Hot dog (210 cal) Small Popcorn (225 cal) and Icee Slush (220 cal).  The Gayle King was includes a medium fruit punch, a large popcorn with a little butter and Raisinets.  Give me Cristina Ferrare’s BBOL of the lemon popcorn…and I’m set!  What are we watching?! 

Enjoy your week off Gayle…I know you are not going to be here next week…because these snippets of upcoming interviews…well, they look REALLY familiar.

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