Finding Your Meditation Routine

Each morning, I sit and take a few moments to let the world come to me.  For me, this has just been the way I jump into the world…as I sit on the edge of meditation.  If you are on the edge as well and wondering how to get started, here are a few quick tips on how to find your meditation routine. This works for me…and maybe it will work for you.

  1. Find a quiet place to take your morning cup of tea, coffee or anything to.
  2. Get comfortable. Sit down however you like – in a chair, on the floor, on a cushion – and just let yourself be relaxed.
  3. Get in balance. Sit up straight and just breathe.
  4. Relax and take a deep breath.
  5. Now, clear your mind and just let the world whirl around you.  Let your body and mind be quiet and let the world embrace you.


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