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Fill Your Heart with Gratitude by Jumping into Tony Robbin’s Emotional Flood

One thing I love about Tony Robbins is that I am never sure where he is going to take me. The lessons are always intense and at times can even be uncomfortable. Change can do that to you. He has a way of pointing out the elephant in the room which is at times completely invisible to us.

Before Oprah’s Lifeclass I really didn’t know a lot about Tony Robbins, yet all of the lessons he taught during the season have been life-changing. I believe his greatest gift came during the season finale…the emotional flood. I joined in as Tony walked us through a simple exercise that ended up unleashing forgotten memories and an intense amount of positive energy. It was truly amazing!

If you missed the season finale, no worries. OWN captured it on video for you. Before you start to watch, I advise that you stand up and go through the exercise with the video…just be sure you have a box of Kleenex nearby. Seriously!

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