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Fill Up Your Soul While You Fill Up Your Shopping Bag – Shop for a Cause

Fashion is constantly evolving just as our views do. What customers scammer for one season, they may not be caught dead in it the next. As Heidi says, you’re either in or you’re out! Although most of us aren’t as harsh as the catwalk critics, designers have been known to find trouble. Racist comments, unhealthy endorsements or inappropriate actions can cause the friendliest of customers to outstretched nails and eye designers like prey. Boycotts of products aren’t unheard of but what bothers me is that it takes “bad” behavior for consumers to send messages with their wallets. Although I am grateful that we do, I wish we did the opposite as well. There is no arguing that money is power and consumers as a whole have a tremendous amount of it. Instead of waiting for a fashion faux pas, why not put our money to work?

For instance…everyone likes a simple tee. Whether you get them from Nordstrom or Target, we all have a dozen or so in our closets. Think of the difference we could make if the next t-shirt you purchased supported a cause. Imagine if we all tried to purchase with the intention of giving our money to something that personally matters to us. I am not saying that everything you buy should represent your causes, but when you can…why not consider a few of these stores?

  • Beulah London – Elegant dresses that help bring awareness to human trafficking, as well as help the survivors.
  • Baby Gagoo, Gagoo FatKat – A clothing line with heart and soulfulness.  This new line of ECO friendly clothing with something for kids of all ages gives back in  a big way for a little company starting out.  For every pair of pajamas sold, one pair will be given to a child in need at Nkosi’s Haven in South Africa. The Baby Gagoo line also helps to support SOJOURN, which is a safe haven for battered women and their children in LA.
  • Tom’s – Started in 2006, this shoe company has a mission.  Here’s their slogan – “With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One.”  If you are looking for a little fashion for the feet, take a look.
  • Same Sky – Same Sky wrap bracelets are made by Rwandan women who survived the 1994  genocide.  100% of the proceeds are reinvested into the company to buy more  materials and employ more women artisans.
  • Global Girlfriend – Supporting women worldwide rise up out of poverty while a portion of the sales also go to end world hunger.  It’s a win-win with this one.
  • LSTN Headphones – For every product purchased, LSTN gives the gift of hearing to one person in the world. WOW. What a gift to be in the business of giving. One purchase and you directly change someone’s life. Amazing.
  • Akawelle – True one of a kind jewelry that will touch your heart and change the world.
  • Radiant Cosmetics – Cosmetics that help to bring awareness for human trafficking and to provide resources for those on the forefront of change, as well as to the victims.
  • Jusani –  Clothes for men, women and even a few things for the fur family. $5 of every order is donated to provide food, supplies and help in the adoption of homeless pets.
  • (Red)  – One of our favorite shops supports the work of  Here’s a piece that we simply love…their (RED) Beaded Bracelet.

So while fashion can be found absolutely everywhere, next time you start to think about adding to your collection, consider adding a piece that brings with it a tremendous amount of good energy. Shop for a cause…and fill up your soul while you fill up your shopping bag!  And…if we missed any of your favorites, leave a comment and share them with us!  We always have room for more great energy in our life!

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