Super Soul Sunday

A Spiritual Awakening on Super Soul Sunday

Today on Super Soul Sunday, OWN gave us another moment with Rev. Ed Bacon. I say another because we know…we’ve seen this before but with Super Soul going out to the world now with the Livestream on Facebook, everything is new again for the world.  But here’s the crazy thing…the lessons speak loudly every time.  After getting past the multitasking on Twitter and seeing who’s talking to who, I dropped out of the cra and just settled in for the lessons.

Here’s the truth.  For many years, I’ve had an aversion to the institution of church…its’ really been since I was 7 when I was sexually abused by someone who was in church. What was taken away was more than innocence…So, while I’ve tried other houses of worship and felt safe and comfortable at times, the truth is…I hear the lessons stronger when I am alone and making my own spiritual connection.  A very long time ago I discovered that being spiritual and being religious were really the same thing – just using different words. Both words talked to my relationship with my own God or higher spiritual power and I didn’t need to be sitting in a pew or singing hymns in order to have that connection. So OWN’s Super Soul Sunday offers me an even greater place to stop and honor these soulful connections with others in the world.

Today, Rev. Bacon talking about grace and living in the fruit of the spirit kept me tethered to the foundation but able to see a little more.  At one point, the two talked about evil in the world and we are reminded that the capacity of evil lives in each one of us and together, has the power to manifest into the ugliness that we see in the external evil around us – war, destruction, violence to name a few. While this lesson was streaming out to the rest of the world, inside I heard my voice tell me…”but the power is even greater for our capacity to love and bring peace into the world.”  This startled me a little. I mean, between paying attention, tweeting a few times and everything else going on around me, I had to stop myself and say, “what was that?”

And I realized…there is nothing in the world that is stronger, more powerful or more beautiful than our inner divine self. This is where the power to change the world and change our lives resides.  We have that power. This was not given to us by accident…it was instilled in us by design.  By ourselves, we can make a difference in our own surroundings. Together, we can make a bigger impact. Today we are reminded…we have everything that we need to change the world.


From OWN: Here’s a little of the interview with Rev. Bacon from Super Soul Sunday.

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    1. Loved what you wrote. It’s interesting that some times when you are not looking for lessons, they come. Sending love and great energy to Bermuda from both of us!

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