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10 Simple Ways to Add a Little Green into Your Life

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With Earth Day being last Sunday, it only seems fitting to take a moment to find a few ways that we all can make a difference and start to improve our Earth’s natural environment.  We all are sure to repair our roofs when they start to leak, get our cars checked out when the little red light goes on and get picking when weeds pop up.  But let’s face it, the red light has been on for a while with our planet and we have just ignored it.  Despite the fact that it is essential to our existence and it is in danger, no one is rushing to save the world like in the Hollywood movies.  So today, coming off Earth Day, I ask that we all try to do a handful of things that will make our world a little healthier.

Here are 10 simple ways to add a little green into your daily life:

  1. Make RuMe your bag – I have purchased so many bags in my quest to be eco-friendly but in honesty I didn’t always use them.  BUT that all changed at the O Magazine’s  OYou! conference.   That was where I was introduced to the RuMe bag (article about it).  It literally goes everywhere with me.  Grab yourself a few of these and bringing your own bag will be easy to remember!  Plus…I always love supporting companies that support O!
  2. Empty your mailbox –Most billing statements can be switched to online avoiding all the paper that clutter’s your mailbox, file cabinets and shredders.
  3. Unplug it – If you aren’t using it, unplug it.  There is no reason to keep a toaster or a hairdryer plugged in all day long.  Not only is it drawing on the electricity, it is costing you money. Unplug it…especially if you are going on vacation!
  4. Wake up your garden – Ground coffee is high in nitrogen which makes it perfect mulch for fast-growing vegetables. Lots of organic growers swear by it for tomato plants.  Not only does it give your garden the nitrogen boost, but it is said to help with suppressing late blight (a plant disease that often attacks tomato and potato plants).
  5. Light up the right way – One of the best things I have done is swapping out my light bulbs.  Suddenly I get 75 watts for only the electricity of a 15 watt bulb. AMAZING!   They cost a little bit more up front but are so worth it.   Try buying just one…once you do, you’ll never go back.
  6. Get a green thumbFill your home with plants and NO, not the fake ones.  They will help purify the air of pollutants and bring you a little peace. Not good at keeping them alive?  When you go to buy them talk to the person selling them and ask them what you need to know to keep them alive.  Some stores even have policies that allow you to return them if they die.
  7. Recycle – Make recycling a part of your life.  Set up a system in your home for both trash and recycling….even if you are simply stuffing recyclables into plastic bags in the corner of the laundry room.   If you are out and find yourself with an empty water bottle, throw it in the car and into the recycling bin when you get home.
  8. Opt for Less – When looking for a product, try to choose one that has less packaging.  Less is always best!
  9. Help out – When you are walking and come across a piece of garbage on the ground, don’t be a snob.  If there is a garbage can around, lean over and pick it up.  It really doesn’t take much and it makes the world a brighter place.  Just keep a small bottle of Purell on you!
  10. Repurpose – There are a lot of items that can be used again.  Get creative.  You may find that the family is fighting over the glass jar (from the pasta sauce) when looking for a drink!  For instance, my family likes to take plastic containers that nuts or banana chips come in and reuse them as a container on trips or  easy access in the pantry for the kids’ snacks.

 If you have any great ideas…please feel free to share them.  The red light in on and we need to pay attention.  As a whole, we all can make a difference!

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