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Your Energy Tells Your Story

Each day I wake to the bright sunshine of Florida pouring into my bedroom window…whispering for me to get up and enjoy the day.  My ritual is the same each morning. A single mom to two fur kids…I pet them lovingly…both fast asleep under their own blankets and whisper, “Good morning girls.”  I proceed to get ready for our morning walk and by the time I slip my feet into my black flip flops, the girls are out doing their morning yoga poses (always downward dog), rolling on the floor and exercising their happy tails.  When we get back from the walk, they jockey for the best place in the sun or the best cozy place under the desk to occupy. They are happy…almost all of the time.  Their energy sings happy and their happy tails tell the story and each morning, I try to remember that even people have happy tail energy.  We just sometimes forget to wag it. Show the world…life is good!  Remember today to unleash your hidden power and wag your OWN happy tail!

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  1. Likewise with me. Every day I left early in the day to do what can I do for my son only. Around 6 pm I returned home, and in front of my house has welcomed eight pet dogs.
    Wag their tails, jumping and kissing me. My dogs are very close to me, and every time I come back from wherever I always bring snacks for them. My dogs give me some relief in my fatigue, excitement if I more sad, and gave me peace when I again stress. I always try to pay attention and even the current food dogs eat only once a day.
    The dogs were originally disposed of. I find and bring home and care for her. Anything as difficult for me now, I’m trying to take care of my dogs. Learned from a dog is how to build a VALUE OF ALLEGIANCE. Fidelity does not apply only to subordinates to superiors, but loyalty to everything we do, loyalty to the profession that we field. loyalty to the simple things that will bring us to the top of our dreams. The faithfulness of a dog is a perfect fidelity, and we have much to learn from the fidelity of this dog. My dogs are like soldiers who are ready to keep the lines of defense if there is a disturbing activity so far rented my house never locked. They always bark of certain cue for me in certain situations. For that moment I had a dream to own a house with a big page so the dogs can play freely.

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