Breaking Down the Bars : Rockville – “Beyond the Bars” w/ Dr. Stephanie Covington – March 30, 2011 Episode 7

For me, this week’s episode of OWN’s Breaking Down the Bars began with an “OH Tiffany!”. Before I could even settle in, Tiffany was being hauled off into maximum security lock down for allegedly refusing to go to work on her day off. Not even 2 minutes into the show. Scheduled to be released in about 3 days…what was she thinking? So close…it should be all “yes, thank you’s” at this point. Her case worker wondered if the thought of transitioning to the outside was freaking her out a bit. If she acts up, she may not be allowed to leave. Talking through the locked door, Tiffany expressed her fears about dealing with her mother’s illness and whether her release would really happen. On Monday, Tiffany was released. After 5 ½ years she knew the world had changed. She arrived home and was greeted by her mother. With family all around her, Tiffany felt wonderful to be home.

As the days passed, Tiffany didn’t make time for her mother or family. Her mother spent years waiting to spend time with her daughter and she was no where to be found. Not there to help her mother or even greet her kids as they came home from school…her mother felt completely unappreciated. Continue Reading