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I have BAITERs.  I didn’t know they had a name until Dr. Phil told me.  I have known them, loved them, and encouraged them with my actions. I have supported them, ran to them in a moments notice and in retrospect, I may have even been one with my choice of words or in the midst of a… Read More I Have BAITERs

Ask Oprah's All Stars

Ask Oprah’s ALL Stars – The “That’s Embarrassing!” Episode

Everyone has embarrassing moments…and some of mine might be asking some of the questions on Ask Oprah’s All Stars this season. Nothing has been off limits and the experts don’t even flinch. Tonight is no exception. Always coming with great intention, this hour is filled with every kind of question you can think of…and all… Read More Ask Oprah’s ALL Stars – The “That’s Embarrassing!” Episode