Everything is Boiling Over at Sweetie Pie’s

So much has happened since the last time I was able to sit down and talk Sweetie Pies.  With the flu, travel, work and preparing for the holidays I have been holding all this in.  Now choosing to write over some of the long Black Friday lines, I can finally catch you up on the wild Montgomery antics. Let’s begin with Miss Robbie.   That woman never seems to stop…no matter what it does to her health.  Her voice was getting worse and she needed break.  Taking a chance, she decided to give Charles his one big chance to be the manager while she took a couple of days to herself.  Knowing Tim Continue Reading

Sweetie Pie’s Makes Room for the Montgomery Family Reunion

Have I told you lately how much I love Sweetie Pie's? Each week I find myself giggling along with the Montgomery family antics, reflecting about my own and craving fried chicken.  Seriously!  With the doors of the Upper Crust finally opened, it was back to business as usual.  Well…less a head chef, some cooking staff and two major events on the family’s plate.  As Miss Robbie struggled to fill in the gap, she was also working hard to pull together an important 3-day event…the Montgomery family reunion.  Family was descending from all over to capture a little family time.  The events kicked off Continue Reading

A Little Competition Reminds Us of What Really Matters on “Sweetie Pie’s”

Let me start by saying that I may have been a little hard on Tim last week.   There is no harm in a little healthy competition can, but my feisty responses were really boiled down to my own personal views on respect and loyalty. I grew in the youngest of three girls to a single mom.  Loyalty was everything.  We depended on each other and never felt alone in life.  In fact, my grandfather was the first that I know of who modeled this intense loyalty.  A single father of eight kids, his family was everything to him.  If he only had one roll, he would have split it up for his children and any Continue Reading

‘Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s’ Opens with the ‘Upper Crust’

With each bite of the season opener, viewers rejoiced in our reunion with our favorite OWN TV family. Once again we were deep in the drama of the Montgomery family.  Now that wedding plans have been postponed until Tim and Jenae’s five-year anniversary, the family was in full celebration of Miss Robbie’s grand opening of the Upper Crust…well, most people.  We all know that the Montgomery family is tight, but sometimes it is hard to tell. Tim focused on keeping the restaurant running while his mother wrapped up the last minute details for the “soft” opening she was throwing.  Throughout the Continue Reading