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10 Simple Tips to Improving Your Memory

It is time to wipe out the following phrase from your life…“I’m so sorry I totally forgot!”  But before I begin I advise you to bookmark this article because you may forget everything I am about to tell you.  There is no shame in having memory issues but you need to pay attention to the whisper.  Whether you are tired or stressed, no one wants to forget.  I have some great news.  You can improve your memory.

Here are 10 tips to recalling it all.

  1. Teach what you learn.­ ­­ When you teach people what you learn, you store the information in a different way within your brain.  Plus it always feels good to share!
  2. Stretch.  The brain is responsible for 15% of the body’s blood flow so be sure to get up and stretch (exercise is even better).  This will allow the arteries to open up.
  3. Keep your eyes on nature.  Scientists found that people who walked around an arboretum recalled 20% better than those who walked the busy streets.  But wait, you don’t have to hold your important meetings in the park.  You don’t even have to leave the office.  Find a photograph or screen saver of nature that you are can display in your space. Make a habit of taking a little time each day enjoying it.
  4. Get enough sleep. Research shows that adults need 7-8 hours a day consistently in order for our memory to store properly.  This happens during the deepest stages of sleep.  So if you aren’t making it to a deep sleep, then it isn’t happening!
  5. Laugh it up. When you laugh, your brain is working! From hearing the joke to figuring it out, you are activating both learning and creativity.  So, instead of grabbing a medical book the next time you are at Barnes & Noble, pick up a joke book!
  6. Get shifty eyes.  Forget where you left your keys?  Try moving your eyes back and forth to engage both sides of the brain’s hemispheres.  By triggering them to work together, you may just recall where you left your keys. It’s worth a shot!
  7. Stop stressing. Over time, chronic stress can destroy brain cells and damage the area of your brain used to retrieve and form memories.  Stress is truly your worst enemy!
  8. Eat brain foods.  Doctors have mentioned that cashews, avocados, beets, green leafy vegetables, blueberries, red grapes, blackberries, plums, red cabbage and fish oil can help to boost your memory.  So write those down and take them to your local market.
  9. Challenge yourself.  Take on a new language, sport or attempt that insanely hard crossword.  The trick is to find something new that you haven’t already mastered.  If you’re learning and it doesn’t come easy, then you are on the right track.  Just make sure it is something you enjoy!
  10. Get social.  Conversation stimulates the brain so make a point of talking to people whenever you can.  Social networking, volunteering, going to church, joining a local art class…it really doesn’t matter where you go as long as you enjoy the conversation.

Of course if none of this works, I suggest sticking with your Post-it notes. But you never know unless you try. So, the next time you have a hard time recalling something, don’t stress out about it….because it really doesn’t help. Instead listen to the whisper and give a few of these tricks a try before you forget!

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