Our OWN Journey to The Life You Want

Paulas IPhone Oct 2012 299

in 2012, i sat across the table from Oprah as she smiled and i worked to stay in the moment. in hindsight, a gift before a long journey. i still remember the pink flowers and how the energy felt in the room... in late 2012, we found out my mother had cancer. her doctor called and I answered it. he said, "it looks like cancer. i have a really good oncologist i want to get her into right away." then...when mom woke up from her nap, i told her..."you have cancer mom. i'm so sorry." and we cried...and so the ride began. my sisters came together. we put dreams and life on hold and shifted Continue Reading

Love and Lessons from 2013

Family, Where life begins and love never ends

Today, it's a new day...a new year...a new beginning... For 3 years, The Daily OWN has been moving through the world and celebrating life and love and lessons...one step at a time.  Last year, we were a little quiet...there was a reason for this... Last year around this time, we found out our mom had Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.  For over 11 months, she fought bravely...doing whatever she had to do to spend more time with her family.  "I want 5 years," she would tell her doctor.  She got almost a year...and for each moment of holding her hand, scooping her up when she would fall, or greeting the Continue Reading

The Difference is the Jump


The difference between a writer and a blogger?  The jump. I've been a writer since forever.  Born with words in my blood.  I realized this as I pulled out an old dusty box full of heartbreaking teenage poetry and old college essays and short stories.  While the twists and turns have shaped my life and who I am today, the voice of my soul is still there, waiting for pen and paper...waiting for me to show up for the conversation...so we can speak and spill words out onto paper.  The writer is me is content with the spilling of ink ritual and the exhale that comes with it...it doesn't have to be Continue Reading

Wrapping Our Hearts Around Oprah’s OWN Journey


During this journey there has been one constant - the breath and flow of each day.  Inhale in and exhale out.  You can get through anything.  Even Oprah. Over the weekend, I read a story about Oprah and what the interviewer called her nervous breakdown last year.   She said it was around the time that she interviewed Kony filmmaker, Jason Russell, and that she could see the similarities as she rushed around in the whirlwind of ending her show to her new network to Africa to everything else.  Just to be clear, Oprah herself commented on this saying, "... never had a breakdown. not even Continue Reading