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Your OWN Show Episode 7: I Have Some Questions for You

We are now down to the final three – Terey, Kristina and Zach.  These three lucky finalists will now go through some press of their own…but they are in good hands, Gayle King is here!  As mentor of the week, Gayle – promote yourself….promote the network….”remember to give them a reason to remember you…most important….be yourself.”  

The Prep and The Taping The press junket gives the final three an opportunity to tell about their shows…to TV Guide, Entertainment Tonight and….surprise….OPRAH!  Wow!

Kristina’s cooking show…cooking to show people how they can cook and live your best life…but during the interviews we hear a little bit of the behind the scenes diva dishing and drama…Maybe some things are better left not said.  You know?  Then…comes in OOOOOOOOOOOOOOPRAH!  Talk about surprising the finalists!  When asked, “Why a cooking show?”  Cooking…is her calling and how she feeds her own soul.  What she knows for sure “is that I have something that cannot be shut down and I need to use my voice.  I know that that voice is worthy to be heard and if I stay true to myself, I can inspire others.”  Bravo Kristina.  A wonderful job…. 

Terey’s talk show...quirky, raw, Rosie, Ellen, Oprah…what?  But she’s funny….and then Oprah comes in.  “What do you have to say that the world needs to hear?” Oprah asks.  “Life is difficult, but there’s hope. You can make a difference and you can change…you can leave the world a better place.”  “I am the lover of people that I think I am.  I have a big voice….that I would like to use to holler out for other people.”  Great job Terey… 

Zach’s Travel Show… a show for people who never thought they could travel…and bringing an awesome attitude to it…and making the most of a situation. ..good and bad.  Zach always leads and leaves with a smile and making them laugh.  Now…Oprah…”Oprah Winfrey is sitting across from me….and how can I make the best of this?” thinks Zach.  “What’s been the most challenging?” asks Oprah.  “Figuring out that I am worth this experience,” he says.  “I am so many things before I am a person in a wheel chair.”  Then….he asks Oprah some heart filled questions.  The ONLY one to take advantage of the opportunity!  So proud of him….Zach, you delight and surprise me…in a wonderful way. 

The Deliberation – Talking about the press junket experiences…everyone had a great day…they were themselves…and some shined a little more than others.  Terey’s lost with her show description….and this is going to hurt her.  Final interviews….and final deliberations….and finally, the final two – Zach and Kristina.  Terey….we will see you again.  Zach and Kristina…GOOD LUCK!

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