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Your OWN Show Episode 6: Dollars and Sense

After the diva throwdown….this week seems like it should be easy.  Right?  Well, this week the teams are getting some financial expert mentorship from Ms. Suze Orman.  This week the teams must produce a “Can I Afford It?” segment.  Can they afford it?  Oh….good luck.  Suze tells them, “you have your work cut out for you.”

The Prep – Team Focus has Ryan as the EP this week…and knows he cannot survive the bottom two a third time.  Suze enters the room and tells them….”are you going to focus on the emotion or the finance part of the story.”  “The most dangerous thing for a finance expert is to believe your own hype,” Suze warns us.  Alicia believes her own hype.

Team Vision has two people…and Kristina and Terey…teamwork.  Suze comes in and tells them, “You have to connect with your guest….and connect with your guests at home.  That is the challenge.”

The teams meet with their people.  A young couple wanting to take a 2nd honeymoon….since their first was devastating and so very emotional.  Alicia comes right in with her financial hat on. DENIED…she says without a flinch.   A young single mom without a job in a new city and a pieced together car with so many issues.  The ladies want to know how they can help and are in tears…they have made a connection.  The story means more to them. 

Finally….after the teams meet their people, they get a call from Suze.  Go to the main desk….there is something that you need to present to your people.  A honeymoon of a lifetime and a car.  We love you OWN Network. 

The Taping – Suze is no nonsense.  Team Vision gets the Suze intervention to the story…how you are going to do it.  How will you make it work.  “Own your power girlfriend,” says Suze as leaves the rehearsal stage.  Wait….what power?  Kristina decides to go for the emotional story.  She does it beautifully…and this is a wonderful segment….and a wonderful job.  

Next, we have Team Focus and Alicia.  Financial – yes.  Warm and fuzzy – not so much Alicia.  “The key to money is compassion….just don’t be cold because money is cold,” says Suze.  Great advice…but Alicia may not be able to make that connection…or shake the coldness.  Let’s see.  Alicia…is trying to make the emotional connection.  I see the effort.  Suze is awesome…Suze is always wonderful and makes the emotional connection…but Alicia just walks off the stage and did not end the segment  She just walked off…what?  

The Deliberation – Ryan tries to save Team Focus…but Suze is not going to let Alicia off the hook…”the truth is you’re either emotional or not.”  Team Vision was told by Suze… “It failed.  You gave me nothing (to work with) ladies.”  You have to care about the story….so the winner is Team Vision.  The two on the line…Ryan is trying to throw Zach under the bus…and Suze loudly says, “Are you kidding me?” So Ryan quickly back peddles…. It was my responsibility. Alicia and Ryan are up for elimination….but to save themselves….they have to do well in a one on one with Suze.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. good luck with this. 

Ryan did a good job…he’s always good with interviews.  Alicia asks the question…and did okay but still…not a lot of emotion.  Who is gone?  BOTH OF THEM!  SHOCKER!!! Say what???

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