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You Can’t Meet Oprah in Flip Flops

For weeks we have been getting ready for Lifeclass. Everyone has given advice like “be yourself,” “just relax,” or the all important “remember to breathe.” But as we get ready to soak it all in, I’m finding myself looking back on the journey and the path that has brought me here and feeling grateful for all the twists and turns

This trip to NYC marks the third time that the big apple has brought me together with Ms. O. In January of 2002, a winning bid on a charity event with Oprah was the first adventure. The event was canceled but I still took the trip and it was amazing. Somewhere in a keepsake box is the pretty green ticket to the party that may one day make it into a scrap book.

The next time we visited NYC for O came a few years later when Oprah brought “The Color Purple” to Broadway. From the very top last row of seats in the house, we watched and cried and were full of gratitude for being part of that experience…part of Oprah’s dream. From the street outside, we watched Oprah dance and float across the street from The Late Show in her brown and purple dress, greeting and smiling and proud. We watched from inside like wall flowers from the theater steps as Stedman stood proud of Oprah and tall above others and Alice Walker and Chris Rock were familiar faces in the crowd. It was amazing. It was what I thought would be my Oprah NYC experience of a lifetime…but sometimes God has different plans and if I’ve learned anything this last year …you just gotta go with the plan. Seriously…no arguing…just go with it.

So here we are again and it feels a bit like a dream. How did this happen? Is this really happening? It always starts out with asking the same question…what am I going to wear? I know…such a girl question…And after the initial panic, this time I stopped, took a deep breath and said, “I could meet Oprah in jeans and flip flops…and she would still love me.” My wise little sister coaxed me back to reality and I packed more than a pair of flip flops but as I sit on my Jet Blue flight in jeans with my toes dangling from my favorite pair of Reefs, I know I’m ready. Not nervous…not anxious. Just excited…because I know that this is exactly where i am suppose to be at this moment. So as we journey into the big city…I’m ready for my next Oprah moment…and here is the cool thing…if it happens as I’m walking down the street today, I’m wearing flip flops. Yes…even if the pilot just told me it’s only 38 degrees….because I’m prepared to met Oprah….just not prepared for cold weather!

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