MasterClass, Oprah's LifeClass, Super Soul Sunday

What’s Going On?

Once again Sunday is packed full of greatness. Clean out some space on your DVR and get ready to push record because you seriously won’t want to miss any of these shows.  They are that good!  Here is how it all lays out.

  • 6-10AM: “Oprah’s Lifeclass” marathon including Toni Morrison & Oprah’s trip back in time with Gayle.
  • 10AM: “Super Soul Sunday” interview with Deepak Chopra (repeat of last week but SO good)
  • 11AM:  “Super Soul Sunday” interview with Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • 2-10PM: “Oprah’s Master Class” marathon including lessons from Jon Bon Jovi, Ted Turner & Oprah.
  • 10PM: “Oprah’s Master Class” Special Edition offering memorable lessons & never before seen clips!

If you were hoping we would narrow down the best shows for you, we have to say that it is impossible.  Each and every episode is high-quality programming packed with lessons and A-HA moments.  We wouldn’t want you to miss a moment.  So here is your heads up!  Now be sure to watch.


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