Everyday Inspiration

what is and what you see

don’t mistake my quietness for non-action
for when I am in complete stillness is when I see most clearly
when I quiet the noise
when I still the heart
the world comes into sharp focus
and at that very moment…
great things can happen
change stirs
energy rises
every single cell comes alive
don’t mistake my lack of chatter for
lack of interest
or lack of thought
for when I am most quiet, i am listening the most
traveling between the words and the meaning and the reasoning
don’t mistake the calm on the outside for peace and breath and clarity at all times
just because I do not flail and scream and challenge and confront
does not mean that inside I do not flail and scream and challenge and confront
it only means that my filter has added layers
so that what you see is calm and peace and breath and clarity
while inside, I am in the midst of change and challenges and even battles
don’t mistake that the world does not move me
that the connections that technology offers do not connect me
that stories of human lives all over the world do not lift me up
or crumble me to my knees
I understand that with as little as 140 characters, or a push of a “like” or “share”
that this can open communication
can open eyes
can change perspective…
has a power to shrink us down or open us up to everything
don’t mistake my quietness for non-action
my stillness for uncaring
my calmness for unconnected
it is the energy of all three that move me
that change me
that empower me
to find the words, the guidance and the will
to change the world
to make a difference
to shine a light where there is no light
and to move towards something better…

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