6 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – Meet the Cast

  1. Watched the premiere of “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” here in Alberta, Canada. LOVING IT! Looks like a winner!
    Also watched the premiere of another winner “Don’t Tell The Bride”. And saw “Visionaries” yesterday (Oct. 16, 2011), which was fantastic. Great week for OWN!
    Will keep watching.

  2. It amzes me how Tim can be so ignorant…. hes a jail bird whos mother set him up. he has the worst attitude in the world, negro get a clue, yo mamma is your savior. yous a big time nobody… i cant stand people who dont appreciate the ones who have helped them.

  3. Hey Iam hooked on this show its funny and crazy all in one. Plainin a trip soon to come visit and hopefully meet some of the cast,family. BUT MONIQUE is SEXY to me hope she not spoken for right know cause i would love to have a date with HER.

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