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Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – You Can Always Count on Family

Miss Robbie and the family are finally getting into a groove this week on Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s. Not only was the new restaurant coming along great, but even Andre and Charles were both on good behavior…well, at least Charles was. Kicking off the episode, the family got a special visit from the Harlem Globetrotters but it was another famous person that set Miss Robbie off. It was actually just a photograph!

It appears that a customer ran off with Miss Robbie’s framed photograph of President Obama and the First Lady. Irritated that none of her staff even noticed, she was on a bit of a rampage. In fact, she taught them all a lesson by stealing their tip jar which made her point….and sent a few employees into a panic. A few days after she returned their tips, the employees presented her with a new framed photo identical to the one that had been stolen. I only hope they bolt it to the wall!

While all this drama went down, Tim had his own issues. First he was getting teased and pressured by his best friend, JR, who was pushing Tim to hire a hot nanny. I’d guess that JR doesn’t have a serious relationship. He did score some serious points when he joined Tim and Charles in a CPR class to ensure that all of them were prepared to take care of little Timmy if needed. With Jenae heading back to work, Tim was taking off a few days to care for TJ while they waited to interview the perfect nanny.

Hoping for a “stay-cation” while he watched TJ, Tim was a bit overwhelmed by his responsibilities. Of course, when it went badly he called his mom. He really didn’t seem to have a clue. He literally used the nose sucker on little TJ’s behind….YES! Luckily Jenae’s instincts kicked in and she begged her mom to come over to cover until the nanny was in place. Moms are the best!

As Jenae found fault in most of the applicants, Tim liked one of them. JR had sent over a young woman whose main qualifications were modeling. However in the end, Jenae got the last laugh as she hired Tim’s cousin who picked on Tim growing up. He wasn’t having it, but apparently Jenae had the final say. She stayed!

Now earlier I eluded to Andre getting in a little trouble. Like many young men his thoughts were on girls. In fact he didn’t travel far in his search and actually starting hitting up the women at work. Catching a bite with the cashier, he made a date which was totally against the rules of employment. After he ironed out the details, Miss Robbie ended the fun when she told the young 21 year-old that Andre was only 17. Oh man…that boy is going to be a handful for Robbie! Thankfully Tim set him straight on the importance of family not dating employees OR customers. Of course with his infectious smile, Andre asked Tim, “how did you and Jenae meet?” The little smarty pants knew darn well that Jenae had been a customer, BUT Tim wasn‘t 17 year-old at the time!

One thing I know for sure is that I adore this family…drama and all! No matter what they seem to keep it honest and each choice is lined with love. No matter what comes at them, they are sure to stand stronger for it…at least I hope. Next week Jenae and Tim talk about the wedding and it gets a little tense. Be sure to tune in Saturday at 9/8C…only on OWN!

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