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Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – Tim Lives Out His Dream

Things were cooking this week on Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s! With the opening of Upper Crust just around the corner, Miss Robbie’s to-do list could have stretched around the building. At the top of the list was sifting through applications to find the perfect staff for her newest baby. She needed professionals and had concerns about taking any of her cooks with her who seemed to be lacking in discipline. If they wanted to make the move…they needed to be stepping up.

While his mom was consumed with Upper Crust, Tim walked into the house and the news that the wedding planner was on her way over. As she shared the news that the wedding date was going to have to be pushed back because the facility wasn’t available, Tim couldn’t hide the smile. That is VERY concerning. Jenae didn’t seem too bothered, but the subtle clues are getting louder. Hopefully with a little more time, Tim won’t feel so overwhelmed and can enjoy the process a little bit. When Jenae finally told Miss Robbie it was clear that she was concerned about Tim getting cold feet.

However, the excitement began to sizzle as Miss Robbie sat with the President of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, Don Jones. Sharing with her that he had many inspired students who were interested in working with her. He invited her to give a demonstration at the school and even talked her into bringing her famous sweet potato pie. Can you blame him? As she worked through her recipe of macaroni and cheese, she kept her eye on the crowd. She was looking for talent and possibly her new cooks.

Walking around Upper Crust with his best friend J.R., Tim realized his mom was living her dreams and he had put his on hold. So despite all the stress he was under, he and J.R. were going to hit it and make their musical dreams come true. Heading into a studio, they wanted to lay down some tracks and wanted a professional to help him. By picking the name, Bipolar, he hoped it would leave the door open to an array of music. After hearing what they had to offer, they were offered a gig to open for Rick Ross, a hip-hop hero to them. Suddenly the restaurant and the wedding were tabled and everything was about their one chance. After practicing like crazy, they got some bad news…they weren’t going to be able to perform. They didn’t give them a reason they cancelled them, but it just wasn’t going to happen then. It hit Tim hard. Once riding on a high, the fall was hard. Gigs happen and they don’t. Robbie reminded him that he’d have other opportunities. “If you ain’t strong enough to have them doors slammed in your face, you ain’t going to make it.” She went on to remind him that God hadn’t a bigger concert in store for him. Such a great mom!

With lines out the door, the cooks continued to falter. Running out of food…not managing the kitchen…Robbie wasn’t happy and she didn’t have a hard time voicing it. Feeling stressed out, the cooks were stressed out and the curse words were flying. “You’re getting paid to be here. You aren’t doing me any favors.” After seeing what other chefs offered at the school, she was ready to fire them all…seriously! Instead of kicking them out, she gave them all a cooking class and expected them to pass the test. If they didn’t, they weren’t going! As two of the chefs dropped off their applications, Miss Robbie paraded them through the kitchen and suddenly her cooks took notice. Maybe their jobs weren’t as secured as they had thought!

So like most of us know….mom is always right. After the promoters heard that Tim’s gig was cancelled, they called him up and let him open for T.I. Finally he was getting a chance to live his dream. Feeling underprepared, they prayed as they hit the stage. With the family out in front to support, they rocked it and had a blast. This was big for him. As his family hoped this would be enough to satisfy him, Tim was readying himself to chase the dream. The only question is how is he going to meld the two worlds? Luckily we won’t have to wait long to find out!

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