Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Welcome to Sweetie Pies Season Premier this weekend!

There is a reason you are craving a little fried chicken these days…because it’s time.  Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s is back for an all new season! Here’s a little taste of what we’re in for this season with a sneak peek and the first 5 minutes of the fall season premier. Take a look and then, join the family and settle in on Saturday, September 15th at 9/8c for a big southern helpin of #SweetiePies!

From OWN: With the Upper Crust finally ready to open, Robbie plans a soft opening party – a party Tim refuses to help his mom arrange, claiming he’s too busy with the Mangrove location. Meanwhile, Charles jockeys for a bartending position at the new restaurant.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweetie Pies Season Premier this weekend!

  1. I have not seen “Welcome to Sweetie Pies,” but wanted to check this show out, after my co-worker at Dish had a chance to eat at Sweetie’s restaurant. From the previews, this family seems very relatable and funny at the same time. I set my Hopper to record this show, and since there is a ton of DVR recording space I can add all my favorite shows. I think this show will do well, and I can’t wait to see all the mouth-watering southern food.

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