Welcome to Sweetie Pie's

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s – J.R. Shakes Tim into Reality

Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s was all over the place this week. Well, actually Tim was all over the place and everyone else spent their time trying to refocus him…even J.R. As the new restaurant got closer to opening, the momentum was increasing and all the pieces were coming together. Unfortunately when that happens, the little things start to add up and soon you find that you have a long list of little things that have to get taken care of. Most importantly was Miss Robbie trying to secure an additional loan to take care of the roof, patio and incidentals. Luckily the bank was able to extend her the money and she was able to move forward.

With that good news behind her, she focused on opening auditions to her employees for the Upper Crust entertainment. Although most weren’t exactly what she was looking for, she did find a standout. However the biggest surprise was Jenae and friends who entertained her and Tim with a little “We Are Family” in hopes of getting her husband’s attention. After a few Joe Jackson moments during practice, Jenae donned a fancy dress and headed to the audtion. Completely catching Miss Robbie and Tim off guard, smiles filled the room. She was looking for Tim’s attention and she got it! It was very sweet.

As his mom’s dreams were finally coming to fruition, Tim was focused on finding his own dream. With his first gig behind him, he had caught the bug. He wanted to break into the music business and make his own dreams come true. With the wedding date pushed back, he turned his attention to a building that was hitting the market…an old nightclub. His thoughts were that he could get famous musicians into the club and he could open for them all. Meeting resistance from all around him, he decided to call in his best friend J.R. He knew that he would be on board. However, to his surprise, J.R. opposed the idea. He realized it had very little to do with their band…and would actually take away from their time to do music. Shocked by his response, Tim realized maybe it was too much too soon. Who would have thought that J.R. would be the sensible one? Lucky for Miss Robbie and Jenae!

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